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Studying math can be fun and easy!

Whether you need quick assistance in solving a geometry question, or help in clarifying an algebra problem, our math teachers’ are available 24/7.

With ThePaperProphet’s online Math teaching, students understand Math concepts and learn to solve Math problems quickly and easily

Our teachers will guide the students through the solution process. They will ask the student leading questions that will direct the student toward the correct steps. They will never solve math problems and give answers/solutions to the students. If the student cannot get the correct answer and asks for help, the teacher will look at what the student has done and try to locate the error. Then they will have the student work a similar problem to make sure he/she has grasped the concept.

Our teachers concentrate on clarifying and teaching concepts. In mathematics, it is important to teach concepts rather than just processes or procedures. For example, the teacher will explain why it is important to follow the "order of operations" rule, rather than just showing the student how to do it. Understanding the concepts makes remembering the procedures easier.

Our teachers try to address and overcome Math Anxiety. Teachers will deal with students with varying degrees of math anxiety. ThePaperProphet’s teachers avoid using phrases such as "this is easy." Such phrases intimidate the student. They provide the students with the confidence that none of their questions are dumb or stupid when something is unclear and questionable.

Many people believe mathematics can be conquered only by certain kinds of people. This myth destroys potential, provides excuses and limits our possibilities. What is required is persistence and patience.

Learning Math takes time and effort, but it is worth the investment, and we are here to help!

Get online Math tutoring and excel.