ThePaperProphet provides Online, On Demand, One on One Teaching.

The minute your child needs help, a real live teacher is only a click away. Rather than waiting to go back to class the next day, or setting up an appointment for next week, a struggling student can connect to an expert teacher anytime, in any subject from their PC. They could be sitting in their homes, or at a friend’s place or anywhere and they can connect to an online teacher anytime, exactly when they are stuck with homework or when they need the help.

Professional teachers are at your childs’ service 24/7 – whether it is for a few minutes or an hour, you decide how much time you want to spend with a teacher! Expert teachers are available in all subjects to make sure you get the help you need to do well in school. This immediate and direct access to an expert in the time of need can make the difference.

Online Classroom

Our website has a built-in state of the art online classroom, which lets your child work in real time with a live teacher. There are no downloads, installations or additional hardware or software required.

Features of the Online Classroom:

  • Interactive Whiteboard which both the teacher and student can work on simultaneously to communicate and draw problems
  • VoIP technology that allows both the teacher and the student to talk to each other directly from their PC
  • Instant Messaging to chat and communicate for the student and the teacher
  • Capability to share files so that teachers can review papers, essays, or repor

All your child needs to do is sign into their account on ThePaperProphet and select which grade level and which subject teacher they require and simply click on connect. Your child will instantly be invited into an online classroom with the appropriate teacher waiting to help with all the tools necessary for an effective session.

On Demand

There is no need to schedule an appointment, or drive your child to a tutoring center. Expert teachers for all subjects are waiting online 24 hours 7 days a week to help your child. All you need to do is sign into your account and select the type of teacher you need. You will be connected immediately!! Hassle free and time-saving!

One on One

Every time your child requests help an expert in that subject will provide full one on one attention to make sure your child finds a solution to the problem. There is only one teacher and one student in our classrooms. The teachers will not just simply give the answer to the student, but will ask leading questions and guide the student to discover answers for themselves.