This collection of work was created for personal exploration, private commission, or public exhibition, and in many cases a combination of two! Utilizing a wide range of mediums and materials (often times found, repurposed, or recycled), I like to combine the adorable, absurd, and grotesque to create something iconic. I explore forms and themes through abstraction and pattern, and light and color through continued exploration of medium.

Wyrmwood Falls:
Created for the Boss Rush exhibition at the Light Grey Art Lab in Mpls MN.
Pencil, Colored Pencil, Ink, Photoshop.
Created for the Super iam8bit exhibition in Los Angeles.
Acrylic and Gold Leaf on cut and shaped Foam Core.
I Heard Your Pets Will Be There:
Personal exploration, illustrating that which I can not live without.
Gouache on hot press Arches.
Fontaines Fantasy:
Personal exploration and private commission, 100% Crayola Crayon.
Tuttletubb- The Medatative Question:
Personal exploration. Spraypaint, Acrylic, Photography, Marker, Pen, Yarn and Tea on Foam Core and Corrugated Plastic.
Kastle- The Medatative Question:
Personal exploration. Spraypaint and Ink on Cardboard and Music Sheets.
Azaill- The Medatative Question:
Personal exploration. Arcylic on cut and shaped Foam Core.
Paragon Of Funk:
Personal exploration. Bic Ballpoint Pen and Sharpie on Arches paper.
Untitled Character Study:
Personal exploration. Spraypaint, Marker, and Paint Pen on Cardboard.