Why join ThePaperProphet?

Online teaching offers a rewarding, challenging and satisfying opportunity. ThePaperProphet is looking for motivated teachers who enjoy the challenge of teaching to be a part of our team. Our team of teachers consists of distinguished individuals with very rich and varied experience including PhDs, retired professors, school teachers, and professionals with Masters Degrees.

ThePaperProphet Advantage

You work for a rapidly growing company where the opportunities for career advancement are immense. Qualified teachers may work from home after 6 months of on-site teaching, with no hassle of commuting. You just need to have a PC and a broadband internet connection.

Common Questions

1. For which subjects and grades are teaching positions open for?

ThePaperProphet is currently recruiting teachers for Math, English, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Integrated Science streams. However, you are encouraged to apply for any other subjects also since we may have future vacancies. We tutor all grades from 4th grade to the undergraduate college level. Most of our students are in high school and in middle school.

2. Can it be done part-time and flexible hours?

Yes, we have openings for both part-time and full-time teachers. Teaching schedule hours are pre-scheduled and committed and cannot be done on a freelance or ad hoc basis. With prior notice, you can change the timings/ subjects to suit your feasibility. For example, if you commit to 6 PM to 9 PM, for 6 days a week, you need to be available for those hours on a regular basis.

3. What are the disadvantages or problems?

- Most of the teaching happens during evening /night time - US and UK timings on week days and during US/UK weekends.

- Teaching is a serious activity and requires commitment. We do not have openings for ad hoc or floating teachers.

4. What are the minimum qualifications/ Experience / Skills required?

We expect the tutors to have a Masters in their subject and some experience in teaching. For certain grades and subjects a graduate degree in the subject and an additional degree in education also will be accepted. We may take exceptional candidates with strong academic record especially engineers, as trainee tutors without prior teaching experience. Familiarity with computers and good English communication skills is mandatory.

What kind of computer and connectivity are needed to become a Home teacher?

High speed 512K Internet access (ISDN, DSL, a cable modem or faster connection).
Windows PC with Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher.
At least 512mb RAM, and a Pentium 3 or faster processor.
Headphone with builtin microphone.
Microsoft Office softwares.
Digital Pen and Pad.

6. What are the duties and responsibilities of a teacher?

Understand the student's needs and objectives
Provide quality online teaching to students using all the tools and your own skills and knowledge
Be abreast with the ThePaperProphet policies and code of conduct
Participate in the ThePaperProphet training and development sessions
Read and respond to all communication from ThePaperProphet

7. What type of training will I receive?

You will receive training on computer usage, technology tools used for on-line teachings, basics of on-line teachings, communication skills, familiarization of ThePaperProphet content and methodology and US /UK curriculum and syllabus for various grades. The duration will vary depending on the training need but will typically span over 15 days covering 30 hours of work. There will be trial sessions with our trainers and other teachers during the program followed by a certification test at the end of the training program. Only those who successfully complete the certification would be selected to teach the students. The certification test would cover all aspects of training and full length trail sessions. There is no charge or fees for training and certification.

8. What is the remuneration?

We offer competitive salaries. Pay is based on the number of hours you are scheduled for and teach online. More details on compensation will be provided once the application is submitted.

9. When would I become a Certified ThePaperProphet teacher?

ThePaperProphet teachers reach certification as soon as they pass their probationary period of 6 months given they meet standard requirments.

10. What are the next steps after I apply?

Please submit your information online. Our recruitment team will send you an introductory mail which will explain the next steps. A date for an interview/test will be set up. Once you are selected you will then be enrolled for the training and certification. After successful completion of the training and certification you will then start teaching students! Thank you for your interest in ThePaperProphet. We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about our teaching program in this section. If you have any further questions, please email your queries to [email protected] and we would be happy to answer them. Please submit your application online by clicking on the “apply” link below, and we will take the process further.